Monday, August 19, 2013

Font, Text and Substate

It's been a while... Well, I made a personal portfolio at that time. You can find it here:

Grzegorz Michalak Gamefolio |

To the business.
I've sat a little and write some better classes for text rendering. Right now I have a Font and Text class. Many texts can have the same font if you take it that way. It's much better right now and code is also cleaner.

The thing I've done today is a level start state. Here you have a level number and countdown timer - 3 seconds till you can start solving current level. After 3 seconds, these texts are tweening out of the screen with a smooth animation - it's also a nice thing to implement :)

The next step will be level ending screen. It's quite more complex, you need to count some points, draw some clickable menus etc.