Sunday, February 10, 2013

Particle Sunday

Today's work: asteroid destruction particle effect and dynamic stars.

At collsion with laser, asteroids explode to little triangles. Screen above has auto-explosions enabled. With the time, triangles decelerating and getting more transparent.

At lower speeds we can see star points around. When we're getting faster and faster, points transforming into lines. The faster we get, the longer the lines.

These two effects were generated by the same particle system. Most of the work is done by stream-out of geometry shader, the C++ class is the same, only fx files differ. So right now I have wireframedExplosion.fx and stars.fx in use. Geez, I need to say that - Geometry shader kicks ass! You can do magic with it. Just gathered some EXP in my noob-to-pro path :)

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