Monday, February 4, 2013

Introducing Drumstep Defenders

It''s 4th already and I haven't started coding yet... But it's OK, accorting to this rules of course:
How to succeed at making one game a month
Drumstep Defenders is an ultra-fast space rail-shooter game. As an operator of a laser canon you're destroying hundreds of thousands of alien spaceships. All of that mixed with a wicked drumstep soundtrack by Tut Tut Child.
I decided to share some of my "work secrets" and public the needs and wants list. Maybe some of you will have any ideas how to make it better :)

  • Centric FPS camera
  • Wireframe rasterizer mode
  • 3 enemy types (asteroid, kamikaze and fighter)
  • Destruction particles
  • Stars in the background
  • 1 complete level loaded from a script file
  • Simple score interface
  • Minimalistic start menu
  • Drumstep music
  • Sound effects
  • Mothership model
  • Laser canon model with viewfinder
  • 3 enemy models
  • Game logo
  • Bloom/glow/blur effect
  • 3 complete levels
  • 10 types of parametrized enemies
  • Score particles
  • Chat-with-commander cutscenes
  • 3D start menu
  • 2D sound effects
  • Hi-scores table
  • Gamepad input
  • Power-ups
  • Different weapon types
  • 10 enemy models
  • Power-ups models

Don't forget to check out some of The Real Drumstep music!

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