Saturday, January 19, 2013


"Do you have a quarter? My mom told me to call her when I found the woman of my dreams?"
--Pickup Line Panda

No exactly what I mean, but yeah! Picking is ready!

The screenshot is really ugly (all they are?). Wild animated cursor appears when you roll in the chessboard. It was kinda easy to write, and it's quite quick 'cause I don't need to make ray and models interception. Only virtual chessboard representation (some simple horizontal quads) is checked. Also the current hovered model is a little bigger, I was experimenting with tweening in 3D, a piece of cake I need to say :) If you haven't seen this already, you need to:

The next step is units movement. They need to turn, ride and turn back. If I made this, the simple PvP game will be ready :)

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