Thursday, January 17, 2013

The work is on!

Oh gosh... I got a terrible flu last Sunday. I wasn't capable of thinking not only coding...
So, from the OGAM POV I'm 5 days late.

Fortunately, I managed to sit on my ass today and do some work. Custom OBJ loader went to a trash, in case, it was junk :P I've used the Assimp (Open Asset Import Library) for importing my OBJ and MTL files and it looks alright. Quite simple to pin it to the project and extract all the useful-for-me data from its objects. But in fact, documentation for Assimp is terrible.

I've manage to load two models with different materials on mesh subsets. The funny thing is that I made "materials library" global, so I can take vehicle body material, change its color and all models on scene using this material will change its color as well.

Of course some simple instancing was made. You know, just for not loading and holding two identical meshes. 13 FPS on the screenshot below but we have here ~400 objects, no frustum culling and it's in debug mode, quite OK I think.

I've made my try to cel-shading. The only acceptable method will be the one with post-processing. Normals map need to be rendered for the full scene, then some edge detection algorithm implemented for this. I probably wait with that kind of stuff and right now focus on main gameplay :)

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